compusolver Wrote:Pinnacle


compusolver Wrote:

Pinnacle has always been a buggy, difficult program with a deceptively simple user interface.

I feel I must qualify what you say about Pinnacle [Studio]:

It has been a buggy program FOR SOME PEOPLE. I have used version 8 and 9 Plus, and have never had problems. I have seen many posts in the Pinnacle forums from people who have made the same claim. Perhaps it is buggier for more people than other programs are, but nobody can convince me there’s a single program out there that runs without a flaw for everybody using it.

"Difficult" program? Hardly. Studio is touted (and rightly so) as one of the easiest, user-friendly NLE applications out on the market. Unless, by difficult, you mean buggy. In which case go back to my previous statement.

Which brings me to the question: what do you mean by "deceptively" simple? Personally, I see nothing deceptive about the simplicity of Studio.

I will add here, as I have stated in previous posts, that I am NOT a professional videographer, and my editing is pretty much confined to "low level" non-critical videos (vacations, goof-offs, etc). So the features and abilities included in Studio are more than sufficient for my needs. And that’s the point. Why go with pro editing software if it’s not necessary, especially if an easy-to-use application like Studio works well enough and has enough bang for the money?

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