compusolver Wrote: On the


compusolver Wrote:

On the other hand, doing these things could cause you to lose the respect of your client and harden the minister’s opposition to videographers.

If we (wedding videographers) want to be treated as professionals, and with respect, then we must act accordingly.

I’m with you on this one. I’ve just started capturing wedding video’s to make some extra money and although I don’t have much experience I would never try to get the shot through trickery. On the contract I have clients sign it basically states that I’m not responsible for any restrictions that will cause a not-so perfect scene. I also ask every client when we first meet if they know of any restrictions for videographers either at the ceremony or reception. If they don’t know, I ask them to ask "whomever" before giving me a deposit to hold their date. I do this so they take asking "whomever" more seriously.

No wonder why videographers are given such bad reputations, so-called professionals holding up a camera in the middle of the pew to get a shot. I don’t consider myself a professional, yet, but I would never do such a thing.

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