compusolver Wrote:"Je


compusolver Wrote:

"Jean, did you pack the shotgun?"

When I was in college, our chemistry professor told us a story:

He was traveling with a device called a bomb calorimeter in a little case of its own. He explained that the nickname for this device among chemistry mavens is simply, "bomb". When airport security asked him what was in the case, he slipped and merely said, "It’s a bomb." (Couldn’t guess that was coming, could you??) They pulled him aside, thoroughly searched him and the case, allowed him to board his plane, then pulled him off the plane again to examine him and the case all over again. He missed the flight, but was eventually allowed to take the next one – with bomb calorimeter in hand. This was many years ago. I wonder what would have transpired nowadays…

The moral: refer to your shotguns (mic’s) and your bombs (calorimeters) by some other names!

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