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compusolver Wrote:

It’s been my experience that bags and backpacks for camcorders cost a lot more than the same things designed for laptops, yet the features/functionality/etc. appears identical. For backpacking, I use a laptop backpack purchased at Fry’s for around sixty bucks (though I could have opted for a "real video camera bag" for a few hundred bucks.

For most wedding and other work where there is pavement, floors, carpet, etc., I used a wheeled luggage bag like you’d take to the airport. I look for the kind with zippered lining and pad the inside with carpet padding, which I tack down with a spray-type glue. Been working great for us. Thieves probably don’t give these bags a second glance, while professional video gear bags stand out like money bags.

WOW! That is a pretty good idea! I’m going to look into some luggage! 😀

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