compusolver Wrote:I think


compusolver Wrote:

I think that harddrive looks anemic. One big project could easily need 120gig. Are you sure you need a laptop? You’ll get more flexibility and more for your money with a desktop.

Well the thing is id liek to be mobile and would invest ina 250 gb external drive for about 250 bucks. But yes its not HUGE at all for that price and i think the max in any laptop/notebook is 250 gig maybe(not sure)…but i really do think this is the way i just may go…the only other option i thought of was with my budget buy a G$ and get final cut version 4 i think? i mean i have a canon xl1 its still mint and not going to be doing too much with HD so its not like im toooo worried bout missing too much and not being able to pump some quality footage and edited material with a 2-4 year old set up

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