compusolver Wrote:I think


compusolver Wrote:

I think it handles cams up to six pounds, but double-check on their web site at:

I probably would have gone with a Steadicam, but I found owners posting good things about the Flowpod and I figured the monopod feature could come in handy. But what made me act was finding one on eBay.

I haven’t had time to really play with this yet, but my thoughts at this point are that it will be OK for controlled shots, like product promos, etc., but not for event shoots.

I think you’ll be better off tripod-mounted. If you don’t have enough room for a full spread, just open the legs enough to get solid – a foot or so. At the least it would be better than a monopod and its weight will still prevent most shakiness if you must shoot handheld.

I recommend you find some small, local event to cover for a full day first. That will let you get the bugs out of your system before you go for the “real thing”.

Please post us a trailer when you’re done.

I checked out the Flowpod and it looks rather close to what we’re doing. The monopod thing must be interesting. In this route, we may look at a seperate tripod for other shots. What do you think’s a good average price for a good one?

I took a look at the vest-mounted ones and while they’re neat, the whole series, doesn’t seem to add much improvement to each other, but I guess they’re rated for different weights.

Between the camera and the flowpod, it’d be about 8 pounds, which doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it must get tiring to have to hold out your arm while using that thing. It also looks like you can’t get too much use of the viewfinder while using it, but maybe that’s because they never showed off using one the pod up close.

Right now I’m just adding money to the expenditure list. We’ve still gotta acquire the funding (oh, joy) and we’ll have a good two months to practice everything before we go.

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