compusolver Wrote:I guess


compusolver Wrote:

I guess I’m confused. The Sony VX-2100 is not hi-def. ILink is another term for firewire, which the Sony’s have built-in. This downloads straight to your computer and no adapter is necessary except the $30 firewire card that most computers come with. You should be able to have that computer built for well under $1000.

My computer has IEEE 1394 already, so that’s not a problem. My experience with iLink has been a proprietary small plug, so I figured I needed it on both ends. Guess not πŸ˜€

You’ll need more software than just Premiere Pro unless you’re going to have a very plain film (Photoshop, Ilustrator, After Effects, Encore).

We’re artists, we have and use the programs πŸ˜‰

To distribute a two-hour Hi-Def film via Internet will take a very expensive streaming server unless you intend it to be in very poor quality. Even 2hrs on DVD, in Hi-Def… Well, I haven’t done Hi-Def yet, but I’d have to kick my quality way down just to get 2hrs of Standard definition on a DVD.

We’re doing a high-def master, but as I said, we’ll scale it down for transmission and probably for DVD. We’ll keep 480p in mind in editing.

Now, to really take the wind out of your sails – if by E3 you mean Electronic Entertainment Expo, I doubt you could legally cover that without permissions and licensing issues being handled. You may want to check out that aspect before writing any checks – except, of course, the one for my consulting fee. X-D

That’s not really an issue as E3 is a ‘show’. This will be my third year going. They let you film everything you want and if they won’t let you, they just let you know to store away your camera and stuff. Lotsa people film there that aren’t Fox Media or CNet and in the Kentia Hall in particular, I’m sure more than a few people would love their stuff on film.

Anyway, thanks for the concerns πŸ˜‰

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