compusolver Wrote:Here’s i


compusolver Wrote:

Here’s is just one of many – all negative – reviews on

8/11/06 11:17 AM
Place order for item on website which was good price. Listed work number as my contact number WHICH I NEVER DO. Received call asking what battery I wanted to purchase (for over $100). I told them if a battery didn’t come with it, to cancel my order. My order was cancelled and not long after I receive a call from the fraud unit of my credit card asking if I had charged items to Pakistan International. I had not and my card was subsequently canceled and reissued. I receive a call from a merchant about some colognes I ordered and wanted sent to Viet Nam. The call was to my work number WHICH I HAD ONLY GIVEN TO BESTPRICECAMERAS. Not only are they a scam operation, they will sell your credit card number. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF USING THEM.

WOW…. 🙁 🙁

Thank you for the heads up.
The prices they have on that site are unbelievable, now I know why.
I also found this site with more damning info.

I know that B & H is good, but who else gives good sevice at a great price?

Thanks again for the heads up…. 😀

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