compusolver Wrote: As for


compusolver Wrote:

As for the other point, when a camera starts flashing the warning that you need to run a head cleaner tape through it, you only get a few seconds to shut down. You can’t yell “CUT!!!” in the middle of a wedding ceremony X-D Striping a tape reduces the chances of it leaving debris that would necessitate a head cleaning.

This makes no sense to me. Your head cleaner warning is initiated by the firmware in the camera when the error-correction code has to has to fix too many soft data errors while recording. Striping the tape would only leave *more* debris behind to clog the heads.

Head clogs are almost always (apparently) caused by mixing tape brands. I only use Sony tapes in my Sony cameras and I run the head cleaner tape every 50-hours. I’ve never had a “clean heads” indicator come on, even on my PD-150 that has almost 2,000 hours on the heads.


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