compusolver Wrote:As for t


compusolver Wrote:

As for the market in Toronto – Toronto is a huge city and there will be plenty of opportunity for someone who is talented. Just remember though that it takes more than talent in your craft to be a success – you must be a good salesman, promotional expert, diplomat, accountant and wear a host of other hats too.

Statistics are meaningless for what you want to do. If you’re a good videographer and a good salesman, you’ll succeed. If you’re a good videographer and a poor salesman, you’ll probably fail – no matter what the statistics.

During the depression, the statistics would have been awful, but there were insurance salesmen (for instance) who made tons of money while others starved.

We tackle all these things in our video course on wedding videography, which will be released sometime next year.

Hank, thank you very much for your advice. I have visited your website and find it very informative aswell. It actually came up on "Google" as one of the top hits. You answered many of my quesitons and actually inspired me to get serious.

Thank you.

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