compusolver Wrote:A two-ho


compusolver Wrote:

A two-hour documentary shot from a hand-held stabilizer?

Hmm.. Have you ever used a stabilizer? First off, they take a bit of practice. Secondly, no sort of hand-held shot works with a stationary camera and a stationary subject. Two hours of a constantly moving camera is not an option unless you’re doling out drammamine.

I’ve seen old people using a walker that is like a cane with four legs sprouting from the bottom. I’ve often thought of converting a monopod to have legs like this, to give a rock-solid mount without taking up the space of a tripod. You might try something like that.

If it doesn’t work out – send it to me, I’ll be old enough to need a walker like that soon! X-D

I’ve seen some shoulder-mounted videography that worked out quite well with a bracket. I have no experience with brackets or stabilizers, any ones you can link me with?

I can practice with a stabilizer with the time that I’d have with the camera.

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