compusolver Wrote:512k is


compusolver Wrote:

512k is the minimum to be able to run most NLEs, but not the minimum I would recommend. I have run with 512k, 1gig and 2gig of ram and believe me there is a big difference between 512k and 1gig. The cost (if buying online) difference is only fifty bucks, so I would recommend a minimum of 1gig ram, and 2gig is much better.

As for the drives, faster is better and masters are faster than slaves. There is no software that would complain or run slower if you put your video drive up as a master.

Video cards – there are cards that may make some software occasionally crash (especially Pinnacle Studio) and other cards that will do a live-render of animations and compositions faster, and this is where a little extra video ram can help prevent dragging video previews.

So, while my well-meaning Romanian friend is usually right-on with his posts, I would urge anyone setting up a new system to pay some attention to my recommendations and even more so – those of (with whom I have no connection).

I heartily agree — I’ve noticed a big difference running from the master and I recently upgraded to a gig of ram. I should have done that a long time ago.

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