We are video guys, and guys that like writing our own scripts for our short movies. Yes, we do have gear. But not very good gear. And yes, lighting is as much as a factor to make a good shot as much as a good camera is needed. Im just saying……i don’t think the video quality would be good on a JVC digital camcorder that can record 22 minutes at a time as it would be with a more decent camera….such as the ones that the people of this forum have recomended…..we cant just find another student….im sorry if i wasn’t clear on this….but we are simply highschool students…..what movies we want to shoot will not be in school….so its not like pairing up…..its just a group of friends interested in filming movies that we think of…. But thank you for that suggestion on a camera dolly….we were thinking how we could get one….thank you


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