Compusolver, thanks for



thanks for the advise.

I tried the Roxio forum to no avail.

well, I ran the file from WMM through a compressor – it said it was down to 2. somthing Gs however, when I went to the file and checked the properties, it was the same as it was before (about 10G for a 2 hr movie).

so within Roxio Video Wave Pro 7, I cut the program in half to make a 2 disk program from it.

this time it burned ok, quality was good but the AUDIO and VIDEO were WAY OFF!

VWP7 only sees the file as one – A&V are not on seperate tracks like Premiere for instance.

(also tried to import this file in to Encore DVD 2.0 but it woulde not accept it saying the size was off. — in the converter program, I tried to change the size to 720x 480 but Encore still saw it as 460 x something.)

now what?

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