Compusolver I think you’



I think you’re right (as usual).. I can tell you what DOESNT work…

I found a wire that I use from my camcorder to the tv — its a 5mm plug on one side and had left / right audio and video out (which would go to the tv)

So I thought by plugging the 5mm plug into the cassette player, then into the TV tuner, I could pick up at least the audio. That dident work

I also tried the old unfaithful Dazzle device, as it has two audio inputs (and ends in a usb II plug) but that dident seem to work either.

I played around with the settings of various recording softwares but I could not pick up any sound playing. (this is where I could have had a mistake I think — It should work otherwise I would think?)

(and yes, I checked the tape without the headphone jack plugged in to make sure it plays through the casette player’s speakers)

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