Compusolver, Have you eve


Have you ever heard of working out of your house? Would you rather your material be sent to a little tin shack in the ghetto? Oh, wait from the way you speak, I’d guess you would, Mr. ex-bounty hunter. Ooh, so cool arent you, you can use mapquest and google! Welcome to the 21st century!
Man what a funny comment, a great deal on tile. Why dont you act umm, mature!?!?! And from the comments you’ve made apparently you do not know about starting your own business, every one starts from somewhere. Not every will go out off the bat and buy, rent, lease, a building. Many people wait till there is a very firm foundation laid out.

And I don’t have one problem with sending my money to a residential neighborhood, and if you do have a question about the company, why not send an email and request a phone number, so you can contact the company?

I hope you become mature and smarter than what you’ve shown here! 8)


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