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well first, I think the cost of equipment is going down not up —

2nd, you can give anyone the same tools as a master carpenter but does that make them a master carpenter? They are the same tools, but the outcome is very different

Hollywood still has lots that the average public stil dont have — #1 MONEY. #2 STARPOWER

doesnt matter if you can make the best movie, someones got to promote it, advertising, getting it in front of the mainstream

3rd over the years, film producers used film. it was physically cut and patched back together. this was the norm for like 50 years and some editors became masters at it.

now, you’ve got DV Software updates coming out every few months and noone can keep up so its much harder to become masterful at the craft when the bar is constantly being raised — again the only way to combat that is throw money at it. hire the programmers and feild of editors necessary to get through the masses of footage that are used in the making of a feature film and pump them out.

you really need a machine – machine made up by a team of talented individuals – not only from a technical standpoint but marketing as well, PR etc, its all encompassing.

I wouldn’t worry about June Cleaver and her handy cam just yet ;~)

Im just holding off on hardware updates till everything goes solid state – enough of these spinning disks already ;~)

best, Phil

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