composite1 no offense, The


composite1 no offense, They Live doesn’t have a realistic bone in it’s body. I shoot a wrestling show on the side, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Roddy Pipper. And even he would tell you, that the fight scene is just a take on the height of professional wrestling in the mid 80’s. Never ever would a real fight look like that, plain and simple. And ya, it’s unfortunite but i’ve had my bootie handed to me on more than one occasion (i should just shut it sometimes) and it didn’t look like that at all… it looked like a real fight and not They Live. MMA is as close to what real fighting looks like that you can see. As far as artistic elements of stunt work, contact and pure descipline style Tony Jaa, Brue Lee, Donnie Yen & Jackie Chan were as close as it came. Wire fighting isn’t realistic guys, sorry. And neither is a suplex, drop down, cross body spot in They Live… lol

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