@composite1 I’m not sure i


@composite1 I’m not sure if my question was answered.

That was good insight on having a more professional look. But I’m not sure if the link you gave me really helped.

Are you saying I should just charge 30 bucks an hour? I’m a slightlydependentstudent so I don’t have to many expenses to base my own business charge on.

And based on what I have? Based on the videos on my site? Or the equipment I own? Which of these is the reason I shouldn’t charge any premium prices.

It would be better for me to understand if I had an example of what you charge, or what you think I should charge.

I don’t mean to be playing 20 questions, I really appreciate the advice,I’m just trying to make sure I get this right before I go out and start marketing myself like Earl says.

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