composite1, I purcahsed a

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composite1, I purcahsed a used symphony about 8 years ago for 70k and drove it into the ground then traded it in for an Adenaline suite that I financed over three years at 45k. Woo boy is right, considering a more capable FCP suite doesn’t have to cost more than 10k by itself today. Add to that the fact that my competition can buy MC software for a couple of grand and add again their “creative” marketing that will be their demise, and man there is just no reason to limit one’s self with that today. If you look in the FS section of this forum, I have my Adrenaline suite FS for almost half of what I paid for it. Adobe’s upgrades are upgrades. Apples are as well. Heck, even Quantel upgrades to this day. Avid’s updates are mearly bug fixes for what was purchased long ago and each one introduces new bugs. I can’t afford to beta test for em with my clients in the room paying by the hour. While the A word was an arguable requirement at one time, it simply is not anymore.

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