Composite – “To make the c


Composite – “To make the camera SLR Lens mountable at the cheapest you’d need an EF Adapter XL ($660 off the Canon site a bit cheaper from B&H if in stock.)”

Yeah, Ive noticed that….perhaps it might be wise to go used? Not sure….

Chris -“CraftersOfLight suggested buying a new generation DSLR which has the ability to shoot HD, but im guessing the video quality is nowhere near that of something lile the XL2, so on the flip side, how good is the still photography function on the XL2?”

Well, the Xl2, though it will produce great images, is not an HD camera….futhermore, video cameras usually don’t have the still photo performace of a digital still camera….to be honest, I can’t rember the resolution if the XL2 even takes stills.

The DSLR cameras can produce some pretty impresseive HD video with the right lenses and lighting….Theyare something for you to seriously consider being a still photographer…

Here are some samples from the EOS 5D Mark II…As I said, they are pretty impressive, but A DSLRis not necessarily equipped for event videography or serious productions and will have their limitations and less control….but still…pretty impressive:

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