Composite – I think I read


Composite – I think I read somewhere that the Canon HV40 is CMOS based sensors, rather than CCD. Would that have any bearing on your recommendation? Of course if he is shooting basically static footage for web production, then the usual CMOS problems are mitigated, I guess. So, I answered my own question, more or less.

XTR – you’re hitting all around elements of progressive vs interlaced but are not really accurate in your assessment of the two, or the differences in their resulting image production. I don’t know if “powerful” is a term I’d apply to progressive, or if it actually has THAT much to do with the expense/design of a camcorder. It certainly IS NOT “gimmicky” sorry. You’re the first person I’ve ever heard say he wanted to “modify” his camera’s firmware via infrared. Huh? To what advantage would that be?

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