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I saw your other thread but don’t have time for the movie. I actually enjoy well put-together docs like on the history/learning channel. I just don’t like making them because there’sno challenge in filming an interview, having the subject do most of the performing, etc. I’m currently with the buskers and everyvideoI’ve seen is a doc. I’ve been burnt in half from all these same docs. Homemade amateur docs are the worst. That’s half the reason why I’m making a comedy movie.

I don’t know why but I thought comedy would be the easiest. But when I think of the risks Mel Brooks took, you’re probably right. Some of it worked and some bombed. Most of the comedy I’ve written so far is slap stick/visual and shown in fast motion just like the old silent cinema. I need to practice writing more comedy withdialogue. Now, that’s a challenge…

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