Composite and DOn, Your di


Composite and DOn,

Your discussion about color temperature is helping me understand. I am almost tempted to say that the light bulb is lighting up in my brain but I won’t. I recently picked up a Acme-Lite Model No. 4 at a garage sale ($2, cheap is my middle name). It is a fixture to use with a super 8 movie camera. It is a sturdy holder for four screw-in light bulbs with two swithes (one switch for the two inner bulbs and other switch for two outer bulbs). It can be attached to a tripod and a camera mounted to the top. My intention was to use CF Bulbs with it. It has a maximum rating for four 375-watt light bulbs (1500 total). I have looked at CF Bulbs at Home Depot and didn’t know what I should look for as the color. Ithink that the higher number (daylight) is what i should use to simulate daylight. I also found CF Bulbs that are in the form of a spot light instead of the curly-Q shape. Am I heade in the right direction?

Thanks for you time and attention.

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