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thank you so much for detaled advice…

let me start by adding some more information.

this is my FIRST video using only video… my first project was more of a slideshow, and can be found here…

to add to my lackings… this was my first time using or touching a DSLR…. luckly it was a 5d M2, so the camera is great… i just know nothing about photography, or shooting video,

i bought the jib for this projuct, so it was also the first time using one…

i agree, that it adds a nice touch, in moderation, which i didnt notice until i was compiling all of my footage.

this has been a lot of work, and a huge learning curve, but i have a new video that should be done in a few more days… ill be sure to add it to the thread for more input…

also the video posted was not ment to be complete, it was just the first of what would have ended up being a 5-8 min piece.


thanks again for your thoughtful advise.

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