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>>If you decide to make your nano, I strongly suggest adding an on/off or dimmer switch.

I have been scouring the market, and cannot find anything ready-made that has exactly the qualities I need. They make softboxes with egg crate for halogen, but not for fluorescent. None of the fluorescents I have seen have egg crate, except for the Kino Flo, which is way outside my price range. However, I have a handyman friend who might be willing to make me a nano (and some vertical-standing green screen light soffit boxes) for not too much money.

I was checking out Edison-base (screw-in) dimmable compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs for the nano.Apparently they come inthe 2700K and 5100K flavors (as well as a few others). I think I would probably go with 150w = 40w bulbs. Are the bulbs that they have at Wal-Mart dimmable? Or do I have to special order off of the Internet?

I think my main concern is about the integrity of the foam core, and also about the stand. I wrote Vic, andhe recommended thefollowing stand:

How much weight can a good tripod handle? And how would itwork to use some thin (3/16ths”) plywood instead of the foam core,as backing? Or how would it work to use some thin (3/16ths”) plywood on the outsides of the foam core?


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