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>>How prudent is it to work uncompressed HD? Again it depends on your resources. If you’re not running a Duo/Quadcore or more system with at least 8GB of RAM at 64-bit with a minimum of 2.5TB of internal storage just for video and at least 1 750GB external storage drive (firewire or eSATA not USB) I don’t think its a good idea. Working uncompressed takes a huge amount of computer resources no matter what OS platform you use. It gets really intense when you hit the 1k mark or better in HD.

Perhaps I am confused. Are we talking uncompressed, or are we talking raw?

I am not sure, but I think ‘uncompressed’ may actually be a misnomer. I know that raw files are unwieldy-huge. I am not 100% certain but I think ‘uncompressed’ really means “lots smaller than raw, but not nearly as compact as HDV or AVCHD.”

If that is wrong, please let me know.


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