Coming from a video hobbyi

AvatarMoab Man

Coming from a video hobbyist and consumer.

I am going to break from the pack and say that it won’t kill it but hasdefinitelywounded it. For example, people don’t watch TV like they used to. Younger adults get their info on the go, they want it fast and short (personally I don’t believe they have the attention span). This is why IMHO video that isn’t bad, and audio that isn’t bad, will make the grade nowa days. I mean look at what personal run of the mill HD camcorders can put out for video quality. Add a few non-gawdy transitions and for many mission is accomplished.

I think there will remain a role for high quality professional work between businesses, but for business to Joe Consumer OK will do and they simply want the meat & potato and hold the pretty dressings.

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