COL, Like Smackwitz I also



Like Smackwitz I also use miniDV tape for the last few years on a Canon MV850i. I make home video DVD’s for family abroad.I got the editing software free with the camera.

I am a bit of a newbie to all of this and have been annoyed with Pinnacle Studio 9.4 and the render (transcoding?) time using my 3 1/2 yo Pentium 4 630 3.0Ghz processor. It has been taking me over 3 hrs to render a 1 hr tape.

So I was looking at a new computer with multiple cores to reduce the render times in particular. I had also noted the various types of camcorder recording format and done bucket loads of research on computers/processors etc. I was also considering upgrading the Video Camera and getting Pinnacle Studio 11 free.

Then I read your post above and thought….Wow! Mmmm. Now the questions –

1. Do all the other methods (other than DV tape) still require rendering?

2. Is the only time being saved for the capture when not using tape? ie you just transfer the files?

3. What does NLE mean?

Thanks in anticipation,


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