Colleen, Hooboy! Yeah, CS3



Hooboy! Yeah, CS3 will probably run on your system (DV only, HD is out.) I agree with Coreece (as usual it seems) regarding upgrading. You’re no doubt running a 32-bit rig so at 1.4GB’s your system at best will see 3GB with an upgrade (most likely 2.5-2.75.) The extra RAM will help though. Since you haven’t mentioned what kind of video card your system has I can only guess you’ll probably have trouble on that end as well (slow performance). Find out what kind of motherboard your system has and you can figure out what CPU it maxes out on. With a little faster CPU you’ll be able to squeeze some more processing power out of ‘old paint’ to help you trundle along. Before you run out and get a new video card, find out what type of video card slot you have (these things are very specific, no mixing or matching allowed!) I’d hate to see you spend money on the wrong gear.

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