Colin I just got my H4 fo



I just got my H4 for I am working on my first project – which was a 3 act school play. Each act was about 30 minutes long.

I had assumed that the audio sync would be a no-brainer. I was supprised when I found that by the end of each act (30 minutes) the audio and video were out of sync. I originally recorded in mp3 format – and the audio was out by about 3 seconds at the end of 30 minutes. Based on the advice above, I converted the audio to wav. It was then much closer, but still about 1/2 second out after 30 minutes – very noticable.

As above, I solved the issue by cutting out 2 frame segments of the audio every minute or so of the video. Some hassle, but it saved the project and worked very well.

I did a test by setting up my video camera in the kitchen and running it along side the H4 and a stopwatch for 15 minutes. I tried both mp3 format and wav as recording format. I did not try different sample rates, but maybe should.

I then loaded the audio and video files into my ULEAD 10 editing program.
The timecode on the camera matched the stopwatch exactly (as close as I could tell). I made a clapping sound at the start and end of the test. In each test the sound file did not match up with the video. In each case it was about 1/2 second longer than the corresponding video. When I get a chance, I will muc with the sample rates to see if that makes a difference – both on the H4 and the Editing software..

It would be much simpler if the audio and video would sync without all of the extra work…



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