Cole, Earl, Let me start b


Cole, Earl,

Let me start by saying that I appreciate both of your responses! It is wonderful to have a resource such as this where friendly people are willing to help newcomers to the craft (especially with topics that undoubtedly have been asked before). I believe I am beginning to get the gist of the copyright issue pertaining to theater in general. Basically it comes down to a risk/reward situation with a whole lot of ethicality thrown in. It sounds like a lot of frustrating scenarios where you see others illegally videotaping and getting away with it (or so it seems) while you are bound in the knowledge that it isn’t trully lawful and besides that, not really right either.

The main reasons I want to videotape this show is to get experience AND to give the kid’s a nice DVD of their show. I could see even just having them give me a blank dvd as payment enough. However, what I foresee that concerns me a bit, is then the kid takes the dvd home, throws clips of it onto You tube, and THAT is what leads to potential problems on my part. In fact, not too long ago I had posted a video on you tube from one of my wife’s performances. It wasn’t a full show, but it was a snippet from the song “Do Re Mi” from “The Sound of Music.” Well, low and behold, it didn’t take the production company too long to find it online and file a complaint with You tube, who removed it and kindly warned me that future copyright violations would result in deletion of my You tube account. So, I know “they” are out there, watching….waiting…

My wife checked her contract. It stated no video taping or audio recording. However, it also stated absolutely NO modification of the script whatsoever (which is hard to do at a high school level). I guess what burns me is to see the other “professional” videographers who DO take the risk and get away with it (I know for a fact that the rights purchased through the theater company for that show I was talking about are exactly the same ones purchased by the high school for the same show…videotaping was definitely listed as a “no-no”).

Anyway, again, I appreciate your feedback on this matter. It has helped me greatly. Unless I find some kind of odd loophole in the contract or something more concrete, I don’t think I’m going to touch this one.

Thanks for your help!


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