Cody, When I broke into it



When I broke into it it was very difficult till I started playing off the competition. I did a few for local agents and got nothing for it, it was just a waste of time. The quality of the video’s did not matter, no matter how much I put into them, that had no effect. Look at your agents franchise, every area has a top ten for each, be it remax or coldwell banker. If you can get the number two guy in your area using video and help him have a good year (help him jazz up his website or what ever) those that want to out do him will beat a path to your door. If he becomes number one, you got it made. But just don’t do Pro Bono for anybody.

Agents are a weird bunch. There is a point where selling real estate is no longer about making a living and becomes a ruthless, cut throat competition for very obsessive people. You’ve got to work on getting the guy everybody thinks they have a shot at beating to use video.

Larry Rizzutti is 100% right. You are selling to salesmen/women. They are the cheapest people on earth and are born to haggle over price. Get a Paypal business account and get the card swiper for your smart phone. You don’t pull your camera out of your bag unless you get an email conformation or personally swipe the card.

Smile, be nice to everybody but be firm about getting paid and don’t start cheap or you’ll never be able to raise the price in that market.

Search this site for an article by Fred light. Wait, here is is don’t agree with everything Fred does since my market is different but he’s been on the ball when it comes to the business side. I think you can still find him hanging out on

I thought I was starting out way to high but I’m glad I did when it comes to real estate video. I only do about 5-10 a month but if I had started out low, it wouldn’t be worth doing now.

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