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Very good idea, and realistic thinking about covering your expenses. Some good thoughts from the others. May I add the following:

The company I work for produces DVDs for our local Speedway. They bring us a single camera tape (quality ok, camera work….well….) and we add titles, do some VERY basic editing, and dupe the DVDs. They sell them at the next race. It’s easy money for us as we only have to burn and copy the master plus spend about 1 hour of editing time. We use a stock template for their title/credit pages and just change the weekly information. Do you have access to any "wedding" or other types of video production houses that may want some easy money?? Of course, this does not solve the problem of acquiring a camera (or two as you mentioned), but it may help you get started. Do any of your loyal staff/fans have a good camera and a desire to see their name in the credits? If you pay for the tape, they may do it for a while and this would also help you get started until you can afford what you need. I would be leary of used cameras. Remember, there is alot to go wrong in that little box!

Lastly, what about using a basic camera switcher (ie: Videonics MX-1) that you can find on E-bay for about 4-500 bucks and editing the shoot live. I suggest the Videonics because it has built in sync. for up to four sources. You could use two cameras (there are some newer cabling options that would allow the second camera to be pretty far away without significant loss) and record directly to DVD (stand-alone recorders at Best Buy or other box houses are pretty cheap now). You could use your laptop with "Power-point" as a titler for your opening, closing, and sponsor pages (yes, DO have pages for sponsors!). Even if they will not pay you directly, it is what we used to call in radio "valu-added" advertising. As Compusolver noted, the consumer is not taking away a finished product, but you could put a TV near the walking exit and re-play the video as people are leaving. (Our stand-alone recorders only take about 3-4 mins to finalize a disk) May make things a bit more tangable. Then find a near-by dupe house (again, check into anyone who produces video) to make the copies. Considering the profit on duplication, they may do this on a per-order basis and just take a portion of the sales. No front money from you that way!

Hope some of this helps. Best of luck!

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