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Been there, done that, wrote the companion book….

You sir, are way ahead of the game as you already have experience shooting (I take it from your YouTube experience), the fact you already have some gear (three cameras), a completed script, actors already cast and access to an editing suite. Shoot it, light it and get the best sound you can in the field to save yourself additional ‘hair pulling’ sessions in post (nobody gets out of those, you just want to cut them down.) Most important, do as thorough a pre-production plan as you can prior to the start of principle photography. You’re already off to a good start coming to the forums for advice, but you’ll have to do much more research and put more thought in as to how utilize your local resources to pull this thing off. Some things that will save you headaches are; get experienced shooters involved in the project (they don’t have to be high-end pro’s but at least know what they are doing), get someone working on sound and have secondary mic’s recording audio (donot, I repeat, donot rely on the built-in camera mics), and light your sets (you don’t need expensive lights, but make sure you use bounce cards, reflectors and lights as much as possible.) This stuff may sound basic (it is), but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a perfectly good flick killed because of crappy imagery or crappy sound.

Far as low-budget options go, go through the ‘how-to’ videos here on videomakers site. They’ll give you many good tips on how to do much of this stuff on the cheap. Last and most important. Don’t get carried away with the process of making your movie. Letting yourself become enthralled with the ‘cool point’s that come with making a film will distract you from your goal of getting it done. The easiest way to prevent that is keep your story in mind. If you’re drifting from the core of what the film is about (hey, what about an explosion here and a gunfight there, and, and, and, and…) it will start to show up on set and in the editing suite when you watch the dailies. Many a project (including big hollywood ones) have gone off the rails for similar reasons.

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