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(Cleaning up the “extra” character strings that did not show until after I posted the originalquery. Adding some text that seemed to have gone missing as well.)

I have noticed quite a few queries on how to get into the videography business and I have a question about my goals in that regard.
I love to do outdoors videos. Those scenic beauty shots showing how wonderful nature can be when calm as well as when upset. Then choreograph those scenes to music. Today this is a hobby mostly for my own pleasure to build my skill sets up and to share with others. So maybe some day I will be looking at trying my hand at making some money at this.
In the mean time, I have been working an idea for a production name and logo. I have been usingthem onmy videos I create and share on sites such as YouTube. It is also a veriation of the name I use for forums such as these.

Is there an inexpensive way to get those trademarked or copyrighted, or whatever the proper process is, so that I can use it now and when, down the road, I try to become a business, it is still “mine”?

Has Videomaker ever done an article on such an action that I might be able to read?

Thank you for any answers that may be provided.

PS Thanks for the Info EarlC.

It is a trademark I am looking to register then? Doing some google searches is providing so much information under both Trdemark and Copyright that knowing I can reduce my options in the right directionlooks interesting but I do not want to short-change myself either.

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