Clara, I’m not a Premiere


Clara, I’m not a Premiere user so I can’t help with that program, but I do a LOT of photo/music montage work commercially and will tell you that for MOST projects 5 seconds works. I offer a “basic” package that includes “up to” 150 images and that translates to an approximate 12-to-15 minute project length.

For the huge number of memorials, party and milestone event celebrations that length comes out just about perfect. For groups watching a production during an event, anything longer or more than 20 minutes is going to have many in the crowd wishing it were over and glancing at their watches or looking around to see who else is acting bored.

This is probably why Premiere uses that setting for its default. Does Premiere offer a “help” connection where you can inquire about changing default image time lengths in slideshows? I know someone who is knowledgeable of your program will pipe in here soon, so be patient.

Also, FYI, unless you’re using some really slow tempo music calling for extended image display to accommodate 2-second or longer dissolves or transitions, using a 15-frame to 1-second dissolve usually works fine for 5-seconds per image.

Also, nothing beats using cuts with the occasional change-up 12-to-15 frame dissolve, to match up-tempo music and songs.


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