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Theres a little more to it than that. Im not sure what you are using to cut up your game tapes but what I do is I use 3CCD MiniDV style cameras to film the games. Then I capture the whole tape to my PC using a NLE package called Adobe Premiere Pro. From there I edit everything so that I get it exactly the way I want it to look. Then I export that as an AVI file of which will then need to be encoded into DVD formatted mpeg files. Once I have these files in a folder on my hard drive, all I do is just burn this VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD using any kind of burning software and you have your DVD movie.

You are better off editing tape with a half way decent NLE editor and you then use a DVD authoring program to transform that into a playable DVD files. At this point you could burn these files using any burning software that supports DVDs. I have both Adobe Encore and Ulead DVD Workshop 2 for my DVD authoring chores and I use NERO for all of my burning tasks. There are also a few programs out there that combine all of these things together but youll have to do some research on that because Im not sure whats what anymore. Every thing changes so fast its amazing! Companies are always buying up other companies and renaming programs so its almost impossible to keep track anymore.

Good luck!


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