@Chris >>There are o



>>There are other ways of coding color besides hexvalues and my current FTP changes my hex values to something else when I type in #FF3459 or whatever.<

You’re talking about using RGB decimal notation right? Aside from the few names (16 I think) that they understand the only way the browsers understand color is via hex code and RGB decimal notation. And FTP is just a series of protocols that allow one computer to transfer files to another over the web, it shouldn’t change any of the code in your pages.


The only thing I wanted to add to Chris’s post involved this section:

>>As Jerron said, Flash(flv and swf), Windows Media Video and Quicktime are the big formats and the pro software can render out to these formats.<<

Not all applications can render to all of the formats. For some formats you may need a third party conversion program to make one of the web formats. For example, you can’t render Windows media directly out of Final Cut Pro without a plugin. But since you are running a Windows PC Final Cut, which is MAC only won’t be an option so you will probably want to use either Vegas or Premiere Pro. Chris will be able to tell you what formats Vegas can export to, but Premiere Pro can create all three.

In the same vein not all editing programs handle footage from all of the camera’s the same way. You may want to research the format of the video that your camera gives you and how it works with different editing programs.

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