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Rob as always makes a good argument. I would say that it completely depends on your intended workflow. If it’s not about the money, get Media Composer as it will be familiar to you despite of the learning curve involving its advanced features. Then get CS5 to augment your workflow. You were going to need Phoshop and AFX to do advanced graphic and mographic work anyway and it’s cheaper to buy them in the bundle than separately. Or, just get CS5 alone. I’m a big Avid fan and work with it for a number of years. However, Premiere has ‘grown up’ quite nicely and is quite a pro NLE and with the support of Adobe’s powerhouse graphic and compositing programs (don’t forget flash and Encore) it’s a tough combo to beat for the money.

It all depends on what you plan on doing. Are you making productions intended for broadcast or distribution on DVD or the internet? All of the above? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when deciding on what software you’re looking at. Determine your intended workflow and use that as a guide in helping your decision.

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