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I’vedone exactly what you’vedone!Hopping from trialto trial duringdifferent shortsand stuff I’vedone. I findit sortof makesitfun becauseit actually gives you a deadline likeareal job!Okay, okay, that’s notnecessarily fun,butsometimes working underpressure yieldssomegoodresults… well,interestingresultsatleast!

I’d alsosay thatanothergood trial is DVD Architect. Thisis a DVDauthoring programandIfound itreallyeasyto use and quitepowerful. Itgives you a 30day free trial.Andthegood partis it onlycosts 50 bucks (Ithink 40if you optfordigital download),so it’spretty cheap.Thiscomesbundled with Sony Vegasif youbuy that.

Another free great program that I didn’tsee listedhere was Celtx.It’s freeware script writing softwarethatcanalsohelp you plan your storyboard, organizeactors, organize ashooting schedule, and do abunch morethatIcan’t evenremember right now.ThethingI like best aboutit, isitformats your script for you (and doesit based onseveral presets).I would absolutely addthisto your list, Chris (andcheck itoutif youhaven’t already… a ton easier than MS Word). πŸ™‚

Iknow I’veusedsome other trialand freeware software,but of courseIcan’tthink ofit right now, so I’ll postbacklater whenI use it againandremember. πŸ˜›

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