Chris – with a $2000 – $3000


Chris – with a $2000 – $3000 budget for a new pro HD camera, I would get the $1999 Sony HDR-NX30U with its amazing balanced optical steady shot:


Combined with a $110 Ravelli/Fancier AVTP Professional – with its fluid head and dual handles – your shots should be smooth as silk.  I have one of these and it works great.


For sound, I'd start with the camera's standard mic, and if that doesn't give you the sound presence you need, I'd put it on a boom and hire someone to get it closer to the talent.  I agree with Rob – avoid wireless if you can.


You will probably want to experiment with different backdrops, to include green screen. For lighting and backdrops I would get one of those all-in-one kits for less than $200 (I built mine piece by piece – buying it all at once is less expensive). 


 Total – less than $2500 for a studio that should meet your basic production needs.


Hope this is helpful, and I hope that the addition of video to your repertoire makes a positive impact on your bottom line!





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