Chris, I have a couple of


Chris, I have a couple of suggestions to help you get some very usable stuff and not break the bank. Radio Shack sells a pretty decent lavalier microphone (model 30-3033? $30) that I and others on this site have used plugged directly plugged into to your videocamera (works unless the subject is moving around a lot) or plugged into a portable recorder (like the Zoom H1, 2 etc.). The other suggestion is try to find a used Manfrotto tripod with fluid head on ebay, craigslist etc, buyer beware of course.It might take you a while but the investment in time should yield good stuff for a good price. I picked up two on ebay each under $90. Manfrotto/Bogen tripods last forever with reasonable care. I have used Sony SR11 videocameras for a few years and have gotten good results, sometimes using additional lighting for the best results. Hope these help. Keep shooting.

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