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Chris, Coreece,

The canon option is a viable one, but no way will you get what you need for 2k. To make the camera SLR Lens mountable at the cheapest you’d need an EF Adapter XL ($660 off the Canon site a bit cheaper from B&H if in stock.) Not to mention, you’d need rails, a mattebox and a tripod that could hold the weight or a shoulder mount rig that could hold all that stuff. Don’t forget the focus puller and at least a UV ground glass (1 4×4″ filter runs $400+ though you could ‘ghetto it’ with traditional threaded filters.) A complete kit from Redrock Micro that would take care of all that for you will run $4k and change. Last but not least, don’t forget all of your footage will be upsidedown. So you’ll have to do a time and money consuming invert render, get software that will auto flip it or get an adapter that will auto flip it during production (Red Rock makes one of those for $500 and change too.) Another option is to get a camera that flips it automatically. Cameras I know that do it are the JVC 200 series cameras, but they cost more than 2k.

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