ChinoD: Surprised to read


ChinoD: Surprised to read your comments re Macrosystems U.S. I have been using Casablanca Editors for 19 yrs with virtually no problems at all. I am currently using a Casablanca SL 1000 on the Bogart System. This is a stand alone unit. You mentioned you have a Windows 10 PC? Casablanca now has a Windows based system called B4W ( Bogart  for Windows ) whereby Casablanca now works in conjunction with computers. Why not give Casablanca a second chance? If you want to persue further, Google CASABLANCA EXPERT ( Chet Davis ) you will find there is a LOT of FREE info to do with the Casablanca System. Should you see what you like, or interests you, you can take it further by paying for membership to Chets ( Casablanca ) Site ( his prices are vbery reasonable ) and get loads and loads and loads of  ''Tips & Tricks'' to further your editing. Just saying is all.

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