Check the panasonic A100


Check the panasonic A100 which shoots both wide field (170-degree) and a narrower field (110-degrees) in 1080.  The actual lens and sensor is contained in a barrel-like mounting that can literally be 'wrapped' on the front of the barrel.  It will also shoot 720p in slow motion.


This model is being replaced by a similar device the A500 (record head, battery in one unit tethered to the camera lens/imaging chip in a 1.5" long by about 3/4" wide barrel capped by its lens) that will do 4k capture and includes a viewable LCD on the record head.  (The A100 requires the wifi connection to view your images in real time.).


It comes with hardware for POV  (you could put it on your head ajacent to your eye if aiming for instance) video.   The item includes wifi – you can control field of view, record resolution, stopping and starting via you smart phone or tablet.


And it has image stabilization … one of the best in the industry and right now you can probably get one new for right at $200 -230.  I'm wondering what the a500 will sell for.





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