Check out the Canon HV30 o


Check out the Canon HV30 on the low end, Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCHD in the middle, and see if your current editing system will accommodate either format with some degree of ease and speed/quality. If so, you’re looking at about $600 for the HV30, a hair under $4K for the HMC150. There are a whole slew of other models, prices and capabilities to research, and you will likely need to do a lot of reading of other posts on this forum, and others, to make any educated guess as to which one fits your needs, budget and desires. Sorry, but purchase of a camcorder of any size, shape or description requires a BUNCH of research, and will still entail the need for perhaps some rental or other hands on assessment to ensure you are making the right selection for yourself.

My current camera of choice, based on my experience, needs, commercial viability, editing system (Mac Pro & FCP), along with other 3rd Party support software, hardware, etc., lights, batteries, mics, etc. is/will be, the HMC150, unless something better, or a new, improved model HMC150 with multiple card slots comes on the scene.

An HV30 may be the “basic” camcorder for the budget you are looking for, with enough of the right abilities to ensure you have a better hammer, hand-saw in your production tool chest.

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