check out the apple forums


check out the apple forums, but I suspect your ibook hasn’t got the power to import those hdv files. My emac g4 couldn’t process my hdr hc1 files but my imac g5 could…albe it slowwwwwwwwly… Time to upgrade your computer i suspect….

here is one import tip… don’t rely on imovie to control your camera… after you click on “Import” in imovie, watch your camcorder to see when the import is complete, and when you’ve passed the end of the file on the camera, push stop on the camera and let the computer continue until it says the import is complete…

as for the software manufacturers min requirements…. it is the equivelent of saying a 50cc scooter is the minimum sized engine you need to ride on the hwy…. a 50cc scooter vs my 1000cc sportbike is gonna yeild a much different hwy riding experience. (trust me, the scooter feels is much better to be the guy blowing past the other traffic…).


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