Cheap, yea But often these


Cheap, yea

But often these type of person would charge 120$ for a video. Just like one of my friend, he is a police offcier and ask me how much it would cost to make a video like this one

There is one XDCAM f350 ( 40 000$ whit the lens ) whit the sound ans light i came up whit around 90 000$ of stock . I told him i would charge from 1500 to 3000 for a equivalent of a better outcome video. He was like wow, approximatly 2000$ you are crazy ! And i told him it was a friend special price.

Most of the amateur and the auto proclamed semi-pro or people who dont work in or whit the real professional video production making dont seem to realize all the making of that is involving to make something professional.

Yea a real HD shoulder mounted 2/3 ccd camcorder can cost up to 20 000 to 90 000$ whit the lens. But you charge 3000 and can go up to 100 000 for a corporative video, videoclip or anything else made by real professional.

I make this to pay my bread, and im not gonna survive if i charge 120 or 400$ for a video that will take me 1 day in post-prod, 2 day of production and 1 day in post-production.

If you think you gonna film wedding, corporate event or something like this, yea you need to buy some expensive gears to charge a good price. Dont think you gonna make a professional video for a compagny whit a 1500$ cam , no external mic, no light kit and all by yourself.

But if you just want to make video for fun, or a short film whit your friens, filming your friends in the snowpark or skatebording. Now you should by something cheap since you will never get money from it. Maybe thats the type of user that ask for cheap gear earlC, but if you are looking to make money whit something custumer, i think you just gonna flop and never be called back.

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