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The easiest thing to do without a dedicated Sound Mixer, is have a lavalier on each person; one for the subject, one for the interviewer. You can rent these hard-cabled mics for about $10/day and just make sure you have a decent pair of headphones (that is headphones with full frequency response hopefully made by Sennheiser or Sony).

You can also have your Sound Mixer operate a single boom mounted shotgun or hypercardiod mic over both of your heads.They could stand 90 degrees to the line that is formed by your conversation(see ‘the line’ in film and television terminology), which is the optimal position for the Mixer to ‘cue’ the mic with the least amount of effort (and hopefully with the least amount of error). They will just tilt the mic towards each person as they speak and provide your single camera audio track with a perfectly balanced mono ‘mix’ of both of your voices.

Let me know if any of this was useful!!

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